22/07/2016 15:30 BST

Reporter Playing Pokemon Go At US State Department Interrupts Isis Briefing

What if that's where they're hiding all the best Pokemon??

The Pokemon Go craze is causing all sorts of upsets around the world, with countless numbers of people taking some time out of their working day to sneak a few minutes on the game.

We assume.

But one news reporter probably chose the wrong time to pick up as few new creatures - he was sitting in the front row of a US State Department briefing about the battle against Isis.

“You’re playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren’t you,” State Department spokesman John Kirby asked the distracted journalist during his daily briefing.

The dejected reporter confirmed he was playing the game, however the signal wasn’t good enough to capture any Pokemon.

Looks like someone might be getting a telling-off when they get back to the newsroom.

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