Pokémon Go Fans Trolled By Friend With 'Missing Persons' Poster

"Do not approach if found, they have not socialised with real humans in days."

A student in New Zealand has issued an emotional plea to pedestrians to help locate a few friends who he hasn’t seen in the days since they downloaded ‘Pokémon Go’.

According to flyers posted at a university, the four flatmates were last seen wandering towards a Pokéstop, however it warns locals not to approach them because they “have not socialised with real humans in days” and “should be considered socially awkward and easily irritable”.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality experience which allows players to find Pokémon, capture them and then battle, all within the real world.

The app, which is taking the world by storm, is available to download on iOS and Android.

Launching originally in Australia and New Zealand, the USA and Japan, the game has become a smash hit.

More people are playing Pokémon Go every day than checking Twitter, and it has even overtaken Tinder.

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