28/06/2018 10:11 BST | Updated 28/06/2018 14:08 BST

Pokemon Quest Arrives For Free On iPhone And Android

This is going to be perfect for the commute.

Not content with taking over the world through Pokemon Go, there is now a brand-new Pokemon game for your iPhone or Android phone.

Pokemon Quest is a Minecraft-style exploring game that takes the basic ingredients of the series (exploring and collecting Pokemon) and simplifies it down into something you could easily play on the train home.

Unlike Pokemon Go, Quest doesn’t involve the real world so you won’t have to go roaming the streets looking for new monsters, instead this is based entirely on your phone.

What is Pokemon Quest?

Pokemon Quest is a free-to-download role-playing game that lets you explore a new world called Tumblecube Island.

Just like the original Pokemon games the main aim is to explore, collect new Pokemon and battle those that you encounter. 


Unlike previous games though, you don’t catch the Pokemon using Poke Balls, instead you’ll need to attract them to your base camp with food, something that you can create the more you play through the game.

This is essentially Pokemon ‘Lite’ so while the core mechanics as the same, this is a much more hands-off experience.

To highlight the game’s simplistic and accessible nature the entire experience has been wrapped in Minecraft-style graphics. 

For starters you can’t actually move your Pokemon around the map, instead they’ll move by themselves. Instead your focus is on telling them what moves to make and how to attack.


You’ll also be tasked with upgrading your Pokemon’s abilities and yes, evolving them into their more powerful forms.

The more ‘expeditions’ you go on the more resources you’ll find that you can then use to upgrade their abilities.

Like almost everything today there is an in-game currency which are called PM tickets so if you’re thinking of letting your kids play this game just be aware that there is a way for them to spend real money.

Pokemon Let’s Go

If the idea of a Minecraft-style Pokemon game doesn’t appeal to you then fear not. The company announced that later this year there will be a brand-new stand-alone Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch called Pokemon Let’s Go.

Based on the classic Pokemon Yellow for GameBoy Colour, Pokemon Let’s Go is more than just a remaster it’s a complete remake of the game from the ground up combining new graphics with the game’s iconic play style.