This Police Sketch Is So Bad Everyone Is Making Fun Of It

Well, so much for sleeping tonight.

Philadelphia’s FOX 29 news station released a police sketch late on Thursday night in hopes of helping police find a suspect wanted in connection to a food mart robbery.

The only the problem was that the sketch was so horrendously bad, everyone is just making fun of it.

It doesn’t even look human.

Cumru Township police released the image in hopes of finding a person who robbed the Valero-Shillington Food Mart in Berks County at knifepoint on Monday night.

Despite the slightly bizarre drawing, local cops probably have a higher chance of finding the perp now that the horrific picture has been shared so much on social media.

Just not for the intended reasons.

On the off chance you’re in Berks County and recognise the thing in the original police sketch, you can contact the Cumru Township Police Department on 610-777-9595.