15/05/2017 12:31 BST | Updated 15/05/2017 13:33 BST

Popular Baby Names: Find Out When Your Choice Peaked In Popularity With This Fun Interactive Tool

The name Blue peaked in popularity 10 years before Blue Ivy was born.

Celebrity parents are often held responsible for a rise in popularity of unusual baby names.

However, it seems parents-to-be may be taking inspiration from celebrities in a rather different way, according to a fun new tool that can tell when a name peaked in popularity.

For instance children named ‘Blue’ are most likely to have been born in 2002 - that’s 10 years before Blue Ivy was born, but just one year after the boyband with that name released their hit single ‘All Rise’.

Who knew Beyoncé was a fan of Duncan James!

Want to know when your choice of baby name was at peak popularity? Simply enter it into the tool below.

You can also discover where in the country the name is most popular and how many other people have been given that name - oh, and the name of the person your baby is most likely to marry (it’s completely scientifically accurate we’re sure).

The data has been sourced by from the civil registration records held by the GRO for England and Wales from 1837-2006 and is based on the top 10,000 names.

Whether you’re looking for a name that is ‘cool’, ‘cute’, ‘pretty’, or ‘unique’, our Baby Name Generator is here to inspire you. Discover the meaning of your favourite name, browse the 100 most popular baby girl names and baby boy names in England and Wales, or let our Random Name Generator throw up an unusual suggestion. 

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