16 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Potty Training Nightmare

Do they really need this life skill?

Potty training your child is an essential stage in their development, but sometimes it feels like parenting responsibilities go a step too far.

We didn’t sign up for this.

So for anyone who has slipped over in urine on your kitchen floor, this is for you.

1. So, you’ve started potty training.

2. You’ve taken some advice from the experts.

3. You get everyone involved.

4. You recognise the tell tale signs.

5. You’ve even got the safety angle covered.

6. But nothing can prepare you for the reality of potty training.

7. Like seriously, nothing.

8. Potty training is next level parenting.

9. Why don’t they come pre-programmed to do this stuff?

10. You try to remember what life was like before potty training.

11. And long for life post-random-poops in your home.

12. You will start offering bribes.

13. And generally give zero f**ks.

14. You’ll start to wonder if this is a life skill they even really need?

15. Especially when other parents are smug about their potty training success.

16. And conclude there really is only way to deal with this.