This Dog's Maternity Shoot Is Better Than Yours

That flower crown though 😍

A pregnant dog has filled us with all of the joy this week after starring in a maternity photoshoot.

Fusee the dog was eight weeks pregnant when she was photographed professionally with her owner Elsa.

On 26 June, Elsa shared the adorable photos from the shoot on Twitter and it wasn’t long before they’d gone viral - accruing more than 148,000 favourites.

Elsa (@elsa_means) tweeted: “My best friend is 8 weeks pregnant so we decided to do a maternity photo shoot.”

As with all things adorable and animal-related, the internet loved it.

Since her tweet went viral, gaining Fusee plenty of fans worldwide, Elsa has revealed that her pooch has given birth to eight puppies.

We seriously hope there’ll be a second set of photos soon.