05/04/2017 16:14 BST

Pregnant Teenager Megan Walsh Drowns After Having Epileptic Fit In The Bath

'Fly high beautiful girl. You will be dearly missed.'

A pregnant teenager has died after having an epileptic fit while taking a bath. 

Australian Megan Walsh was taking a bath at a friend’s house in New South Wales when she had a seizure and slumped under the water. 

After finding the 19-year-old “lifeless” in the tub, her friend dragged her from the water and gave her CPR, 9News reported.  

Megan Walsh
Pregnant teen Megan Walsh died after having a seizure while having a bath 

“I open the door and there she is lifeless in my bath tub. Cold, white, unresponsive, not breathing, blue lips, dead weight,” she told the Australian news site. 

“It was traumatising.”

Walsh, who was 14 weeks pregnant, was rushed to hospital, but later went into cardiac arrest and died. 

Megan Walsh
The 19-year-old had been taking medication for epilepsy since she was four 

According to the teenager’s sister, Jemma Walsh, the mum-to-be had been taking medication for epilepsy since the age of four, but had been suffering with more frequent seizures since conceiving. 

She told that her sister would have “absent seizures” that would last around 20 seconds. 

“Her whole body would go stiff and she would have this awful stare”, the 22-year-old said. 

Megan Walsh
Walsh was 14 weeks pregnant when she died 

Walsh would also have grand mal seizures, Jemma continued, where she would shake violently while her eyes rolled back into her head. 

Jemma and her partner have now vowed to give their baby the name Walsh had chosen for her own son or daughter. 

“She was so excited. It was ridiculous. She was only 14 weeks when she passed but she had ideas for baby names.”

Megan Walsh
Friends and family are raising money for Epilepsy Action Australia in her memory

Walsh’s friends and family have also raised more than $2,000 dollars for charity Epilepsy Action Australia in her memory. 

One friend commented on the GoFundMe page: “Fly high beautiful girl! I was lucky enough to have known you and been a part of your family. 

“You will be dearly missed.”