Pregnant Woman 'Outraged' After Being 'Fined' For Using Mother And Child Parking Bay At Asda

'He told me I didn't count as a parent yet.'

"He was incredibly rude and told me I didn’t count as a parent yet," she told Get Reading.

"The manager then said if I hadn’t been pregnant he might not have even given me a ticket as I look so young and the upper age is 12."

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Olivia said she was "outraged" that the attendant considered her to look as young as a child.

She also said she noticed the ticket was issued nearly an hour after she entered the store, so she can’t be sure he saw her leave the car without a child.

"The bays on site in Lower Earley are monitored to ensure that these spaces remain available for motorists who meet this criteria.

"The claim made will be fully investigated."


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