19/07/2017 16:20 BST

Pregnant Woman Leaves Note On Poo Bag For Other Mums To Find In Their Time Of Need

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There are so many undignified parts to pregnancy, not least the countless bodily fluid samples you’re required to provide to doctors and nurses.

So one mother-to-be decided to make the experience more positive by helping out another pregnant lady in their time of need.

When asked to provide a stool sample (in a paper bag, which we are slightly confused about...) at the maternity hospital, Reddit user ‘vivilessthanthree’ decided to get a little creative.

So she took one of the extra sample bags that were in the bathroom and drew a picture of a whale in a top hat and cane, smoking a cigar.

Then added the words: “In case no one has told you today, you’re awesome and you’re doing great.”

Before putting it back in the holder for the next woman to come and find.

The mother-to-be explained that she is going to start doing this small act of kindness every time she visits the hospital, in order to “add a touch of brightness” to someone else’s day. 

Commenters loved the idea, 2pupsandababy said: “Seriously that would totally make my day.”

And OhMyMackerel said: “I want to be the next one.”

In the UK, stool samples are collected in a clean, dry, screw-top container, according to the NHS, which are normally plastic.

Your doctor or another member of staff at the hospital will give you a container to use, although you can use anything you like as long as it can be sealed.