Eight Mums With No Time For People Acting Like They're 'The First Person To Ever Be Pregnant'

'Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is an extreme thing to happen to a body.'

Pregnancy can be tough for some women and a total breeze for others.

Either way, one mum has decided to call out women who act like they’re the “first person ever in the whole wide world to be pregnant”.

“Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is the most extreme thing I can think of happening to a human body without even getting to the whole birth part,” the mother wrote on Mumsnet.

“But how many of you have ever had to listen to someone moaning and complaining constantly over the tiniest of things, even if they’re not exactly pregnancy-related?”

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The Mumsnet user gave an example of the complaining she has endured: “My headache is so bad, pregnancy is so hard, I didn’t realise it would be this awful! I’m going to have to go to the doctor to get some strong painkillers (this is at about six weeks).”

And she wasn’t the only one who has come across this type of behaviour, according to the thread.

Here are a few of the responses from other Mumsnet users who have experienced similar.

1. The couple who overshare.

“The couple I know that are the first people to ever get pregnant post endless pictures of what they’ve bought the baby. At this point I could give you a comprehensive list of the baby’s entire wardrobe right down to the socks.”

2. The woman who breathes social media.

“I currently have a mum-to-be on Facebook who is posting about twelve thousand pregnancy memes every day.”

3. The woman who relates pregnancy to everything.

“I did have to unfollow someone on Facebook who was even posting photos of their dinner and captioning them ‘building a strong baby’.”

4. The woman who keeps tabs on social media likes.

“The other week a woman I know asked someone why they didn’t like her scan picture that she uploaded on Facebook. It was so awkward.”

5. The parents who feel blessed.

“#feelingblessed is quite possibly the most nauseating hashtag ever. Also the most overused.”

6. The woman who delegates shopping bags.

“An ex-friend made me carry eight bags of shopping (not heavy) when she was six weeks’ pregnant. The bag I asked her to carry had two lettuces in it. She said: ‘I’m carrying a child, isn’t that enough?’”

7. The woman who documents everything.

“My friend documents everything. She had a big pregnancy announcement and then during her pregnancy we had updates on: Level of morning sickness, food eaten, aches and pains, stuff bought, nursery decor etc.”

One Mumsnet user had some sage advice on how to deal with those who act like they are “the first person in the world to be pregnant”:

“Being pregnant for the first time is the biggest thing to ever happen in their world,” they wrote.

“Maybe overlook what she is doing and sympathise, or just be happy for her.”

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