Prince George Had The Tiniest, Cutest Part In His School’s Nativity Play

Hopefully Meghan Markle shared some acting tips.

Prince George just learned that there are no baaaaa-d roles in nativity plays.

The four-year-old royal recently played the part of a sheep in his school’s nativity play, according to his dad.

“I went to my boy’s nativity play. It was funny,” Prince William told media on Wednesday 6 December, while visiting BBC’s Bridge House. “He was a sheep.”

Prince George began attending Thomas’s Battersea in London in September. We can only imagine how cute his little play was (and we can’t help but wonder if there was an octopus in the show, like in ‘Love Actually.’)


The stage experience should certainly be good for Prince George, since he’s expected to make a TV appearance on his favourite show soon.

He’s a big fan of the animated show “Fireman Sam,” and the creator decided to write him in for the show’s 30th anniversary special.

“We heard that we have a very famous fan in Prince George, so we thought it would be really fun to bring a royal family to Pontypandy and see how the community reacts to that,” producer Ian McCue told People.

It’s unclear what Prince George is more obsessed with ― firetrucks or police cars. The royal recently asked Santa for the latter when he wrote out his Christmas list.

Prince William delivered the list to Father Christmas during an official visit to Finland last week.


He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK,” Prince William said, according to the BBC, adding that George “has been a nice boy” this year.

This story was originally published on the US version of HuffPost.

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