28/11/2017 09:16 GMT

‘EastEnders’ Adds Last-Minute Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reference After Engagement Announcement

Nicely done.

It’s not just the news that was dominated by chat about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement on Monday (27 November), as ‘EastEnders’ bosses managed to shoehorn in a last-minute reference to the royal couple’s news.

Following Harry and Meghan’s 10am announcement, the soap’s cast and crew created a brand new scene to fit into the episode before it aired at 8pm.

Viewers saw Kathy Beale quiz Shakil Kazemi on why he was glued to his phone, with him replying: “Just some prince bloke marrying some actress.”

Kathy - who was still presumed dead in South Africa when the last Royal Wedding took place - understood the gravity of the announcement and snatched Shakil’s phone out of his hand. 

After reading the news for herself, Kathy gave the teenager a drink for free. 

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Harry and Meghan at a photocall on Monday 

The residents of Albert Square are probably yet to learn that we won’t be getting a bank holiday when the wedding takes place - so we expect another scene dealing with that outrageousness further down the line.

Elsewhere on the BBC, Meghan and Harry gave their first joint interview, opening up about how they met, his chicken dinner proposal and how the actress’s engagement ring is a special tribute to Princess Diana.  

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