Prince Harry Recalls 'Delightful' Magic Mushroom Trip During Party At Courteney Cox's House

In his new memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex writes about taking the hallucinogens during a bash at the Friends star's home.
Prince Harry at the Lion King premiere in 2019
Prince Harry at the Lion King premiere in 2019
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

Prince Harry has revealed he once took magic mushrooms during a party at Courteney Cox’s house.

The Duke Of Sussex’s memoir Spare is due to go on sale next week, but was accidentally released early in Spain, with several international journalists having now read the Spanish version of the book ahead of time.

On Thursday, Us Weekly published an excerpt in which Harry spoke about attending a party at a friend’s home in January 2016, which then moved on to Courteney’s house.

At the time, Harry had been under the impression the actor was out of town due to work but “didn’t mind if we crashed at her place” – and as an apparent Friends “fanatic”, he found the “idea of crashing at Monica’s” both “highly appealing” and “amusing”.

However, Courteney – on whom Harry admitted he had a small crush – ended up coming home during the bash, but insisted there was “plenty of room” for everyone to stay.

“I was still confused because … she was Monica. And I was a Chandler,” Harry reportedly wrote.

“I wondered if I’d ever work up the courage to tell her [about the crush]. Was there enough tequila in California to get me that brave?”

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox
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Harry went on to reveal that he spied “a huge box of black diamond mushroom chocolates” in the fridge, which were apparently “for everybody” at the party.

“My mate and I grabbed several, gobbled them, washed them down with tequila,” he shared.

During his trip, Harry remembered thinking a bathroom bin was someone’s head, revealing: “I stepped on the pedal and the head opened its mouth. A huge open grin. I laughed.”

However, it seems his friend was less enamoured with the experience.

“My delightful trip had been his hell,” Harry concluded. “How unfortunate. How interesting.”

Magic mushrooms have been illegal in the UK since 2005 and are categorised as a Class A drug. They are also illegal in most states in the US.

This isn’t the only disclosure about drug use in Spare, though, with Harry apparently also candidly writing about having taken cocaine during a shooting weekend when he was 17.

However, it seems this was a less pleasant experience.

Harry wrote that this was not “fun and it did not make me feel as happy as it seemed to make others but it did make me feel different and that was my main goal. To feel. To be different”.

For more revelations from Prince Harry’s new book Spare – released in the UK on Tuesday 10 January – click here.


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