magic mushrooms

"Now we can start to have the conversation about using them mindfully."
This is an exciting time to be involved in psychedelic research. Medical researchers are rediscovering the possible benefits of responsible use of psychedelics in therapeutic settings. The media, too, is beginning to wake up to this wealth of scientific discovery.
Imagine traipsing though a bosky glade, an opening in the trees on some light-dappled hill. The scent of myrtle in the air
'This isn't a magic cure, but even so the effects at this stage do look promising.'
A drug derived from 'magic mushrooms' could help reduce symptoms in people with depression, a new study has suggested. A
Message board Reddit has been partially blocked in Russia. The ban is not due to Reddit's recent controversial decision to
The pick-up artists and viral masterminds at Simple Pickup promised to pull one of their classic stunts while high on mushrooms
This is what your brain looks like when you’re tripping on magic mushrooms. The remarkable graphic on the right was created
FOR HUFFINGTON POST USA Thomas Roberts recently wrote on a topic that has long interested me: is the banning of mind-altering