06/06/2016 09:53 BST

Prince Harry Was Schooled In Fashion By A 91-Year-Old Man

This is why you always read the dress code.

Prince Harry committed a fashion faux pas when he attended a war veterans reception.

The 31-year-old retired British Army captain met with former UK troop members, many of whom fought in World War II, and he forgot to wear a tie.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

According to The Telegraph, Harry realised his mistake as soon as he walked into the event. "Are they all wearing ties in there? I should have worn a tie. Oh well, it’s too late now," he was reported to have said.

And the fashion fail didn't go unnoticed, 91-year-old veteran Ivor Anderson directly asked the prince, "Where’s your bloody tie?"

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

But apparently, it was all in jest. "I told him he should wear a bloody tie. I said I had a spare one; he said he couldn’t wear mine because he didn’t have his wings," Anderson told The Telegraph.

For those not clued-up on military terms, wings are badges bestowed on qualified military parachutists - Harry, on the other hand, flew helicopters.

Let's hope he gets the dress code memo next time.


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