This Video Of Priti Patel And Nigel Farage Singing And Dancing Together Cannot Be Unseen

Because why wouldn't you break out into song at the Conservative Party conference?
Nigel Farage and Priti Patel were caught on camera singing and dancing together
Nigel Farage and Priti Patel were caught on camera singing and dancing together

It’s that time of year again – politicians are going viral for singing and dancing at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

A nine-second clip of former home secretary and senior Tory Dame Priti Patel dancing with former UKIP leader and former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is making the rounds this morning.

The song of choice? Frank Sinatra’s I Love You Baby, obviously.

The short video was shared by Conservative Party member Emily Hewertson – with the caption “Priti X Farage. What a combo” – and has racked up more than 310,000 views in less than 12 hours.

It’s the first singing or dancing clip to have emerged from the Tory conference this year, but far from the first time the Conservatives have been caught busting a move at a work event.

Boris Johnson was filmed dancing pre-Covid in this viral video, while Therese Coffey was seen enjoying a spot of karaoke at the 2021 Tory conference with Will Quince when they were both in government.

So, perhaps Patel and Farage’s duet was not a complete surprise.

The former home secretary had praised the right-wing commentator and the “dynamic, no-nonsense” GB News channel on Sunday.

She called the “incredible” channel a “defender of free speech” and thanked the controversial broadcaster’s staff for “absolutely everything they do”.

GB News currently employs former ministers Jacob Rees-Mogg and Esther McVey, among other Tory backbenchers.

This year also marks the first time Farage has been allowed inside a Tory party conference since the 1980s, he told, even though he officially left in 1992, founding UKIP the following year.

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