Smeary Windows Driving You Mad? These Hacks Will Banish Those Stubborn Smudges From Glass And Mirrors

You'll find us staring out of our spotless window after reading these tricks.
Yes, that is in fact baby shampoo...
Yes, that is in fact baby shampoo...

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It might be bitter outside at the moment, but many of us have also been treated to a hint of winter sun. And while we’re loving seeing the sunshine, unfortunately it has also been exposing just how filthy our windows are.

You might know the feeling of spending hours wiping (and re-wiping) your glassy surfaces until they look spotless, but as soon as the light catches them every smudge and streak appears. Well, get ahead of the game with these smart easy hacks that will have your windows and mirrors sparkling, even when the sun shines.

Your windows won’t suffer any scratches with these ultra-soft cloths
Invest in a microfibre cloth and your windows will thank you later. Use this quick-drying cleaning tool either wet or dry to prevent your surfaces from scratching and streaking. You can even pop them in the wash time and time again without them losing their efficiency – a must-have.
This hack supposedly works better than any window cleaner on the market
Mix a quarter baby shampoo with three quarters of water and pop the solution into a spray bottle to create a safe, non-chemical cleaner. At 5.5 on the pH scale, this baby shampoo trick also puts you at ease if your little one decides to lick any mirrors or windows. Many people swearing by the results of this hack!
This multipurpose product is powerful at cleaning
Let us introduce you to white vinegar spray, the hero cleaning product. Its acidic nature is known for its great dirt removal, without leaving any harsh chemicals behind. Also, no need to worry about that strong vinegar smell, as this one will leave you happy with a hint of apple!
Why make the task harder when you can use a double-sided surface wiper?
Get away with doing half a job but achieving the same results by using this double-sided wiper. Clean both sides of your window at the same time with this tool’s magnetic design - we'll take any excuse for us to stay inside, especially in this weather! Simply grab your cleaning spray, split the wiper in half and place on either side of the window. Wherever you clean on the inside, the outside will follow.
You won’t have to wait for your windows to air dry with this gadget
This powerful vacuum clears condensation and water from your surfaces in one glide. Follow your usual routine of spraying your go-to cleaning product onto the window and cleaning with a damp cloth, before using this handy machine to clean away leftover dirty water. Being cordless, you can even use the vacuum on your outside windows, including your car.
This is the secret staple cleaning tool that you probably didn’t even realise you already had
You can also use a toothbrush as a nifty tool to get into the little spaces that you usually can’t quite reach. With a tough handle and extra-firm bristles, you’ll be able to scrub away at any muck or lingering black mould. You also get four different colours so you can use them around the rest of the house too!
These wipes are the ideal accessory for your cleaning cupboard
If you’re not into using an overload of cleaning products, these extra strong wipes might just be the answer you’re looking for. Whether your windows just need a quick fix, or your mirrors want some fuss-free attention, let them sparkle with this just one wipe of this go-to home accessory.
Unleash your windows inner shine with this trusted spray
Hailed for keeping windows streak-free, this iconic glass cleaner gets targeting dirt and grime before you even wipe. With an easy-grip bottle, this highly-reviewed cleaning staple uses its Ammonia-D formula to leave your glass glistening.
These twin pack tools will make the whole process a breeze
You can’t have a streak-free surface without a squeegee. This rubber and microfibre glass cleaner kit removes water quickly by absorbing, wiping, and drying. With firm but flexible applicators, this duo attracts dirt, water spots, and soap residue before wiping away to reveal a glistening, transparent window.
Get naturally clean windows with this non-toxic spray
Wanting to swap your current cleaning products out for a naturally derived alternative, that doesn’t include toxic ingredients but still does the job? Enjoy crystal clear, smudge-free glass with this cleaner’s top-notch friendly formula, that leaves the strong chemical scent behind for crisp and icy mint.
This value pack means you don’t have to worry about running out of this product
If you're on the hunt for spotless glass that doesn’t leave a hazy glare or residue, this product gives you results and saves you time and effort, with its fast-acting formula. With only a couple of wipes, your glass will look as good as new as it returns to pristine condition.
Got tall windows that you can’t reach? This product has you covered
Cleaning tall upstairs windows can a hassle that we’d much rather avoid, but with this 2-in-1 scraper you can extend and bend to reach new heights, without awkwardly using stools and ladders. Attach any of the five extension rods to reach your desired length and get wiping using the removable microfibre cloth head.
This ultimate kit is a one stop shop – and even includes a storage caddy
Cleaning your windows has never been easier than with this kit, jam packed with all the equipment you could possibly need and stored in a tidy caddy. With a microfibre scrubber, 2 in 1 brush, dust absorbing cloths, adjustable nozzle spray bottle and outside hooks for compactly hanging up your tools, what more could you possibly need?
Give your hob a break with this effective cleaner
We can’t talk about smeary windows and mirrors without also paying our hobs some well-deserved attention. Whether your kitchen is home to an induction or glass hob, this gentle cleaner gets to action removing grease, splashes, and dirt before leaving your stove top with a grime-resistant, shiny layer.