22/07/2017 17:11 BST | Updated 22/07/2017 17:26 BST

Professor Green Accused Of 'Defending Rapists' At Britain First's Rochdale Rally Against Grooming Gangs

'Nazi scum off our streets.'

Rapper Professor Green has told how he was accused of “defending rapists” after being led to a Britain First rally in Rochdale where the political group are today protesting against “Islamist grooming gangs”.

Green, real name Stephen Manderson, was filming in the Greater Manchester town when he said one of his subject’s “led” him to the far-right group’s rally. 

In a post on Instagram the 33-year-old detailed his exchange with one of the party’s leaders. A picture taken at the rally shows Green speaking with deputy leader Jayda Fransen. 

Green wrote: “Short day in Rochdale … a person we’re filming with led us to filming on a Britain First rally.

“A conversation with one of their leaders quickly escalated into me apparently being ‘as bad as them’, someone wishing my kids got raped and generally just lots of shouting, oh and apparently I was defending rapists?

“You couldn’t make it up – I think I’d asked what the party message is when someone from the crowd shouted that.”

Green added: “Not a fan of further engraining disunity, scapegoating and manipulating people by tapping into their unhappiness and giving them a ‘reason’ for all that’s wrong in their world – using the anger and unrest of the working class to incite hatred and cause division (sic).”

Green, who was making an unknown documentary at the time, described his visit to the town as “fucking horrible” and said he needed “a drink”.

Meanwhile, United Against Fascism, who held a counter protest could be heard chanting “Nazi scum, off our streets”.

Around 100 people were said to have attended the Britain First rally, which was heavily policed.