Sainsbury's Is Selling The Cheapest Jeroboam Of Prosecco This Christmas

At just £1.50 a glass, could this make all your festive dreams come true?

It’s probably too big to fit in your fridge - but it’s bound to cause a stir, not least because you risk knocking your guests out when you accidentally swing a Valdo Prosecco jeroboam around this Christmas.

It’s HUGE. No, really. One of these bad boys can hold up to 24 glasses of fizz - the equivalent of four normal-sized bottles of wine. Otherwise known as a double magnum, that’s three litres of liquid - or one hell of a headache.

Elva Etienne via Getty Images

And with Sainsbury’s putting it on offer right now for just £35, making it cheaper than in any other supermarket in the run up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it works out to approximately £1.50... per glass.

All that’s left is to ask: where to put it?