Prosecco Nail Polish Is Now A Thing

🍾 + 💅 = 💕

Groupon have launched a nail polish made from real Prosecco.

And it’s edible.

The sparkly shade of Gold Glimmer is said to taste and smell just like the real thing, making it the perfect polish for Prosecco-loving nail art enthusiasts.

Prosecco nail polish by Groupon.
Prosecco nail polish by Groupon.

There’s a slight knack to getting the most from a bottle though.

Firstly, a thin layer must be applied, and allowed to dry for approximately 15 minutes. You can then top up the layers for a stronger shimmer and nails will be left with a gleam.

Prosecco nail polish by Groupon.

You can’t buy a bottle just yet, but you can enter a competition to win some on Groupon’s website.


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