Prosecco With Pringles? The Elite Crisp and Wine Pairings TikTok Is Obsessed With

Move over charcuterie boards, your days are OVER.
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Wine and crisp pairings have become the latest TikTok-fuelled food trend, turning what’s usually a pub-classic duo into a fine dining cuisine, darling!

Grocery delivery service Getir reports UK Google searches for ‘wine and crisp pairings’ have skyrocketed by 155% over the past month alongside searches for ‘wine and crisps’ which have gained a spike of 163% in search recently.

Why the sudden uproar in popularity, you ask? TikToker Eli Rallo shared a ‘Wine and Potato Chip pairing’ infographic made by Wine Enthusiast, garnering 1.1 million views. Eli seemed to agree with Wine Enthusiast’s suggestions, calling their pairing of sour cream and onion crisps and Chenin Blanc a “pair for the ages.”

Working with renowned sommelier and founder of Elizabeth & Wine, Elizabeth Hawthornthwaite, Getir is on a mission to give us the British take on pairing wine with crisps.

‘’We can think about crisps and wine as a more modern, informal version of the classic cheese and wine pairings,” Elizabeth said. “Crisps are more accessible, more affordable and more familiar to many people and they’re a natural go-to for wine drinkers. They also have the added benefit of not giving you strange dreams!’’

So… what makes crisps and wine just so darn good?

‘’Crisps are salty and crunchy, which can contrast nicely with many different styles of wine,” Elizabeth explains. “The saltiness of the crisps helps to bring out fruit flavours in the wine, while the fat content offsets the wine’s acidity or tannins. There are almost as many varieties of crisps as there are wines these days, and the best pairings will depend on the specific flavours and characteristics of each.’’

The ultimate guide to wine and crisp pairing

Red wine

  • Malbec & Pringles Texas BBQ crisps

‘’The robust, smokey and dark fruit flavours of Malbec are beautifully complemented by BBQ or meat-flavoured crisps,” Elizabeth says. “The wine’s moderate tannins and acidity balance the rich flavours found in these crisps. For a pairing that will tickle your taste buds and take you by surprise, I recommend Texas BBQ Pringles.’’

White wine

  • Chenin Blanc & Walker’s Salt and Vinegar crisps

Elizabeth mentions the slight sweetness in Chenin Blanc wines counterbalances the salty and tangy flavours in salt and vinegar crisps, creating an interesting sweet-savoury interplay.

“It’s got to be Walker’s here,’’ she mentions.

Rosé wine

  • Provence Rosé & Lentil crisps

Rosé wines such as Provence Rosé find its perfect partner in light, zesty and herb-infused crisp flavours. Herbs and delicacy are the most important elements here.”

She says lentil chips in chilli and lemon flavouring will enhance but not overpower the wine.

Sparkling wine

  • Champagne & Walkers Ready Salted crisps

’’You can almost taste it as you picture it: the iconic simplicity of classic salted crisps meeting the sparkling sophistication of Champagne. It’s a combination all about contrast, where the salty and savoury crisp cleanses your palate between sips of Champagne’s bubbly brilliance.”

If you’re feeling fancy, Elizabeth insists truffle-infused crisps can level up the combination even further.

  • Prosecco & Pringles Sour Cream and Onion

‘‘If you’ve ever had the old classic of Pringles Sour Cream and Onion with a glass of prosecco on a flight, you’ll know that this one is a winner. The creamy notes in the Pringles find their match in the crisp sweetness of Prosecco.’’

Ready to start snacking? I sure am.

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