Question Time Audience Member Attacks Tories’ ‘Contempt For The Poor’ Over Universal Credit

Chris Grayling forced to defend his party's position on Universal Credit.

A member of the Question Time audience last night launched a passionate attack on Universal Credit, claiming the Government is showing “contempt for the poor”.

The Conservative representative on this week’s show, Chris Grayling, was questioned repeatedly on the issue, with even host David Dimbleby getting exasperated at his responses.

But it was the contribution from a lady in the audience which brought the biggest cheer.

The Government has been under intense pressure over Universal Credit, most recently to set aside millions to refund the call fees of claimants after confirming plans to scrap charges for the service’s helpline.

Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke confirmed on Wednesday that up to 55p a minute fees would no longer apply from November, with all calls to benefits advice lines beginning 0345 to be made free by the end of the year.

Prime Minster Theresa May said the decision was “absolutely right” just a week after refusing to answer Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s plea for her to “show some humanity” by scrapping the charge.


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