Woman Dubbed 'Real-Life Rapunzel' Has Been Growing Her Hair For 13 Years

And she's not cutting it off any time soon.

A woman has been dubbed the 'real-life Rapunzel' by fans on social media, after sharing snaps of her remarkably long hair.

Dashik Gubanova Freckle, from Russia, hasn't cut her hair in 13-years and says she is refusing to cut it until it touches the floor.

Freckle currently has over 100 thousand Instagram followers and has become somewhat of an online celebrity thanks to her her stunning locks.

Freckle took to Instagram to share her hair growing plans, revealing she will donate her hair to make wigs for cancer patients when it reaches her toes.

"This post is for those who say that I should donate their hair for wigs," she wrote.

"In 14 years, I cut a scythe. And donate hair for wigs. Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe. (Sorry for my English)." [sic]

Freckle also tells followers the secrets behind her long, healthy hair - often praising the benefits of linseed oil.

"I want to talk about this product, as linseed oil, useful properties which are very important for human health," she wrote.

"This oil can be used as a mask for hair - a small amount of warm oil massage movements applied to the scalp. Distribute through the hair. Keep the mask for an hour or two. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo. In this mask, you can add vitamins A and E, olive oil, sour cream."

Freckle also shares adorable snaps of herself and her daughter - who also boasts an impressive head of Rapunzel-worthy hair.