8 Reasons We Will Never Give Up Our Weekend Lie In, Even If It Is Bad For Us


Scientists have reiterated what we all already knew: sleeping late at the weekend only makes Mondays so much harder.

A new study has shown that our luxury lie-in at the end of the week is actually bad for our health (although it doesn’t feel that way when it’s happening) and we should all keep setting our alarm for 6.30am so we don’t disturb our sleep cycle.

No matter what the science says, here is why we won’t be giving up our lie in for anyone...

1. We take such pleasure in not setting our alarm the night before.

2. Brunch doesn’t start till 11 so what are we meant to do before then apart from sleep?

3. The longer we stay asleep, the more likely someone is to bring us coffee in bed.

4. It helps us forget we have work on Monday morning.

5. Spooning. All the spooning.

6. Our pillow is just the comfiest thing in the world.

7. It also doubles up as an effective hangover cure.

8. A weekend wouldn’t be complete without a marathon sleep.