18 Tweets About The Eternal Struggle Parents Have Getting Kids To Sleep

It's not just you – loads of us are having to deal with nocturnal children.
Westend61 via Getty Images

There are some children in life who sleep like absolute angels. Who – from the word go – will lay down, rustle around for a bit, and then drift into a peaceful slumber.

But let’s be real, for every child like that there are about 10 who are absolute hell-bats. They won’t nap, and if they do, it’ll be for 20 minutes and then they’ll be unbearable for the rest of the day.

It takes them an hour (minimum) to go down at night. When they do go down, they’re waking up on the regs, so naturally they end up in bed with you until they’re nine years old.

If this sounds like a familiar experience, know that you’re not alone. From the mum whose sleep consultant gave her a refund to the dad who felt like an utter god when he got his three toddlers to sleep, here are some utterly relatable tweets on children just not sleeping that’ll have fellow parents nodding their heads.

1. How to make any parent break out in anxiety sweats.

2. Toddlers... So rational.

3. We’ve all been this mum at one point. Right?

4. Probably best to not calculate all the hours you spend getting your child to sleep... Ouch.

5. Over-tiredness is the devil.

6. This parent actually got her child to sleep. Then got slapped. Have we not suffered enough?

7. Why won’t they go in their own room though?

8. The phrase ‘it doesn’t last forever’ can get in the bin.

9. Only a sleep-deprived parent could come up with this genius concept.

10. This perfectly summarises what’s going on behind most closed doors past bedtime.

11. Everybody tells you babies don’t sleep. Nobody tells you toddlers don’t either.

12. It’s often the luck of the draw whether you get a sleeper or not.

13. Why are toddlers so anti-science though?

14. This is the most accurate portrayal of early risers we’ve ever seen.

15. Can we at least be consistent, please?

16. This mum got a refund from her sleep consultant and we don’t know whether to laugh or cry on her behalf.

17. Have kids they said. It’ll be fun they said.

18. When you do eventually get those babies to sleep. God tier = unlocked.