Revealed: The 10 Most Popular Places To Propose Around The World

Spoiler: Disney is very popular.

The most popular proposal landmarks have been revealed, and it seems there are a lot of Disney fans out there.

Three locations within Disney parks around the world made the top 10, with Disneyland (Paris) taking 1st place, Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Florida) in 2nd and Disney’s Epcot Park (Florida) in 8th.

The findings, released from wedding site, are based on the amount of proposal-related Instagram hashtags used in certain locations. Researchers analysed the volume of hashtags such as #engaged and #bridetobe along with geotagging on more than 10,000 Instagram posts to gather their results.

The top 10 landmarks around the world to pop the question, according to Instagram are:

1. Disneyland, Paris - one in 500 proposals.

2. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Florida
- one in 555 proposals.

3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota - one in 625 proposals

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4. Eiffel Tower, Paris - one in 679 proposals.

5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles - one in 1,000 proposals.

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6. Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge, New York - in joint 6th place, one in 1,111 proposals.

7. Niagara Falls, Ontario - 1 in 1,250 proposals.

8. Walt Disney’s Epcot Park, Florida - one in 1,428 proposals.

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9. Big Bear Lake, California - one in 1,666 proposals.

10. Bondi Beach, Sydney - one in 2,000 proposals.