These Are The Universities With The Highest Costs For Student Living

The data was collected by

Correction: HuffPost UK amended this article after we were contacted by the University of Surrey which disputed StudentBeans’ research about the cost of a pint at Surrey. When contacted, StudentBeans agreed their research for the university was not up to date.

Being a student doesn’t come cheap. On top of fees of around £9,000 per year, you’ll also be forking out for food, accommodation and, most likely, a bevvy or two. And the amount you spend will vary depending on the uni you attend, according to a new study.

The team at, a student discount platform, looked into the average price of a pint and a panini (or equivalent) at 50 student unions, as well as the average weekly rent in halls.

King’s College London is the worst for rent at £244.78 per week, and students should avoid getting lunch at Coventry’s student union, which costs £5.99, according to the data.

The research was undertaken after StudentBeans found – in a poll of 859 UK-based students – that 69% believe prices at their student union are too high, and 91% think the amount they paid to stay in halls was too much.

Just fewer than eight in 10 of these respondents said they were concerned about their current financial situation (79%).

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