'Rewards For Failure': Furious Backlash Erupts Over Liz Truss Resignation Honours

The former prime minister has handed out a raft of gongs to supporters despite only being in office for 49 days.
Liz Truss has handed out a variety of honours to her supporters.
Liz Truss has handed out a variety of honours to her supporters.
Yui Mok - PA Images via Getty Images

A furious backlash has erupted after Liz Truss handed out gongs to supporters despite only being prime minister for 49 days.

The former head of Vote Leave, Matthew Elliott, and Tory donor Jon Moynihan were among those to be given seats for life in the House of Lords in her resignation honours list.

Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price was made a dame, while her fellow backbencher Alec Shelbrooke was given a knighthood.

Two other Tory MPs, Robert Butler and Suzanne Webb, both received OBEs.

In all, Truss handed out 11 honours - roughly one for every four days she was in No.10.

She was forced from office in October, 2022, in the wake of her disastrous mini-budget, which sent the UK economy into meltdown.

Truss said: “I am delighted these champions for the conservative causes of freedom, limited government and a proud and sovereign Britain have been suitably honoured.”

But the gongs were condemned by Labour and the Lib Dems - who both criticised for Rishi Sunak for failing to block the list.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Ashworth said: “This list is proof positive of Rishi Sunak’s weakness and a slap in the face to working people who are paying the price of the Tories crashing the economy.

“Honours should be for those committed to public service, not rewards for Tory failure.

“Rather than apologise for crashing the economy and driving up mortgages rates, costing families thousands, Rishi Sunak has nodded through these tarnished gongs because he is too weak to lead a Tory party completely out of touch with working people.”

Deputy Lib Dem leader Daisy Cooper said: “This shameless move to reward Liz Truss’s car crash cronies is matched only by Sunak’s weakness in failing to block it.

“Truss handing out gongs after blowing a hole in the public finances and leaving families reeling from spiralling mortgage costs calls this whole honours system into disrepute.

“The honours system should celebrate hard working people who have achieved great things; sullying this celebration shows just how out of touch this Conservative government really is.”

Willie Sullivan of the Electoral Reform Society said: “It will feel like an insult to many to see Liz Truss handing out peerages to friends and supporters after her disastrously short stint as prime minister.

“It looks like the political class dishing out rewards for failure at a time when many people are still suffering the effects from her turbulent premiership.”


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