Richard Bacon Reveals He Came 'Close To Death' During Recent Hospital Stay

'It was the most shocking moment of my life.'

TV presenter Richard Bacon has shared more details about his recent health issues, revealing he came “close to death” during his recent hospital stay.

Earlier this month, Richard became unwell on a flight from Los Angeles to London due to an infection, and after being taken to hospital, he was put into a medically-induced coma.

Reflecting on that time in an interview with Radio 4’s ‘Broadcasting House’, Richard said: “The doctor said, ‘I need to put you into an induced coma so that we can control your breathing and if I don’t do that you are probably going to die’.”

Richard Bacon
Richard Bacon
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Richard went on to brand the conversation the “most shocking moment of his life”.

He added: “The first two nights went really badly - no one’s fault - the infection was winning and my lungs were losing.

“My blood oxygen level went down to 70%, and when you go below 70% basically you are looking at death or brain damage - but more likely death.

“I hit 70% and for the first two nights, I have since found out, I came quite close to death.”

Now out of hospital, as of last week, Richard is now recovering at home, and recently made a public declaration of gratitude to his wife, Rebecca, for helping him through his ordeal.

Richard leaving hospital with his wife
Richard leaving hospital with his wife
Dominic Lipinski - PA Images via Getty Images

He tweeted on his “last full day in hospital”: “Every facet of my life would be worse without Rebecca in it. How will I ever thank her?

“I was in a coma for nine or ten nights (I just learned). That’s a lot of staring at your husband and his pipes. And a lot of worry.”

In addition to singing his wife’s praises, Richard has also repeatedly thanked the NHS for getting him through his bout of ill health.


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