'Richer Than The King': Rishi Sunak Hammered By Voters In Crucial Seats

Prime minister branded "out of touch" and a "robotic" programmed "clone".
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak is an “out of touch” robot politician who is “richer than the King”, according to voters in crucial swing seats.

Focus groups run for Times Radio make brutal listening for the prime minister as he prepares for next year’s general election, which Labour are currently on course to win.

James Johnson, who ran polling in Downing Street for Theresa May, asked people in Birmingham Northfield, Rother Valley and Southampton Itchen what they thought of Sunak.

One man said he was “clueless and out of touch,” while another said the PM was “out of his depth”.

“He seems intelligent and switched on - but yeah definitely out of touch as well,” added a third voters.

One woman said: “I feel like he is very over-rehearsed. Almost a bit robotic, he’s been programmed.”

Another added: “I don’t think he shows any empathy towards the general public at all really. Which is quite sad. He’s an intelligent man. He’s richer than the king.”

“When you compare him to someone like Boris Johnson - love him or loathe him - the guy was passionate and charismatic,” said one voter. “I think Sunak just comes across as a cloned politician with the same mannerisms.”

But in a bit of positive news for the PM, when asked if there was anyone in the Tory party who could do a better job, the question was met with a prolonged silence.

All those quizzed had voted Conservative in 2019 but were considering voting Labour next time.

While the focus groups are not a poll, they do provide a snapshot of public opinion.

The voters were also asked for their view of Keir Starmer and there was not huge enthusiasm for the Labour leader either.

“Sly. I think there is a trust element there,” one woman said. “I’ve put smug there,” another said. “I feel like he’s quite smug with the current government, their failings.”

One man said: “I think he’s reactionary and he’s got no real direction.”

Another added: “He comes across as another cloned MP who is going to just repeat previous mistakes.”

Lib Dem leader Ed Davey did not do much better. “I don’t know who he is,” one puzzled voter said. “I recognise his name but I don’t know why,” added another.

It comes in the wake of last weeks’ by-elections which saw huge Conservative majorities in two seats wiped out.

Labour snatched Selby and Ainsty while the Lib Dems captured Somerton and Frome.

But the Conservatives did manage to narrowly hang on to Boris Johnson’s old seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.


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