Rio Olympics 2016: Team GB Are Really, Really Excited About The Opening Ceremony

'Duncan Scott has blocked the toilet. #CHEERS'

It’s nearly time - the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics.

We’re excited, you’re excited but nowhere near as much as Team GB.

But first, there’s been a couple of minor incidents to dampen the mood.

And going through customs with a significant amount of firepower has its downsides.

Oh dear.

But enough of that, here’s how they’ve all been preparing for tonight and the events that follow.

Swimmer Siobhan O’Connor has been checking out the venue.

So tomorrow it begins..... 🏊⭐️

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Field athlete Mark Dry has been posing for a few dubious polaroids.

Polaroids done 😂

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Cyclist Geraint Thomas is either trespassing or committing sporting treason.

Behind enemy lines...

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This bunch of handsome chaps look like they’re taking it far too easy.

The Rugby 7s team have been joyriding on inappropriately sized bikes for men of such stature.

Cycling tour of the athletes village! @teamgb #BringOnTheGreat #rugby7s 🇧🇷🚴🏽

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Ruby Harrold hasn’t forgotten what’s important.

The diving guys looking good.

Charley Hull has been sabotaging all the training equipment.

The rowing team have presumably been doing anything humanly possible not to fall into Rio’s apparently less-than-savoury waters.

Speaking of the water, wonderful wildlife but does look a little bit scummy...

Let’s hope all the cycling team are a bit blurrier in future photos.

Callum Skinner has fallen victim to some rather unfortunate sign placement.

Brinn and Louis are having a twitter love-in.

The relay teams have been practicing that real nail-biting part of their sport.

And there are so many more which you can keep up with in the Twitter feed below...