'Devotee' Rishi Sunak Defends Wearing Adidas Sambas After Angering Fashionistas

Prime minister apologises to "the Samba community" after Fleet Street style desks couldn't cope with his choice of trainers.
Rishi Sunak offending many with his choice of footwear.
Rishi Sunak offending many with his choice of footwear.

Rishi Sunak has offered a not-entirely-sincere apology to the Adidas Samba “community” after the British media seized on the prime minister apparently ruining the credibility of the popular trainer.

Last week, Sunak posted a video on social media where he was wearing a classic white incarnation of the trainers during an interview on tax policy in Downing Street. The fashion faux pas appeared to be pairing the footwear with his suit trousers (and him being a dull middle-aged man, probably).

The move sent Fleet Street style desks into a frenzy. After all, “Sambas” have been christened “The It Girl’s favourite sneakers” by Vogue as Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and many other fashionistas were identified as fans of the shoe that has been around for decades.

“Adidas Sambas were this year’s coolest shoes – until Rishi Sunak got a pair,” gasped The Observer. The Telegraph shrieked: “How Rishi killed off the biggest trainer trend in one fell swoop.” Footwear historian Elizabeth Semmelhack told The Times it could prove to be “the death knell” for the retro trainer.

By Wednesday, the PM was forced to make a public statement. Appearing on LBC Radio, Sunak said: “I issue a fulsome apology to the Samba community.

“But, in my defence, I would say I have been wearing Adidas trainers including Sambas – and others, in fact – for many, many years. The first pair my brother got for me many, many years ago – my first pair of fun Adidas trainers as a Christmas present.

“I haven’t looked back since. So I’ve been a longtime devotee.”

Has he done enough? Well, the fall-out still made the international press, despite the intervention, as the New York Times pondered: “Did a politician ruin a trendy shoe?”

And social media was having its say too ...


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