Rishi Sunak Condemns 'Appalling Act Of Terror' In Israel

The prime minister said Hamas was "fully responsible" for the attacks.

Rishi Sunak has condemned Hamas for the “appalling act of terror”, which has left at least 600 people in Israel dead.

In a video statement late on Sunday afternoon, the prime minister said the attacks were “truly horrifying”.

Sunak said: “Hamas and the people who support Hamas are fully responsible for this appalling act of terror.

“For the murder of civilians and the kidnapping of innocent people, including children.”

The PM added: “I want to express my absolute solidarity for the people of Israel.”

At least 600 Israeli’s have died, according to Israeli officials, after Hamas launched a surprise attack inside the country on Saturday morning.

As many as 100 people are also reported to have been taken hostage by the Palestinian Islamist group.

In response, Israel is carrying out air strikes in Gaza and Palestinian officials have said at least 350 civilians have been killed.

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has also condemned Hamas for a “terrorist attack” for which there could be “no justification”.

A British man, Nathanel Young, serving with the Israeli military was killed in the attack, according to his family. Two other UK citiziens, Jake Marlowe and Dan Darlington, are missing.


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