Rishi Sunak Mocked After Saying Brits Are 'Better' At Spending Money Than The Government Is

"For example, I never spent four billion pounds on unusable PPE."
PM Rishi Sunak latest tweet has caused quite the reaction on social media.
PM Rishi Sunak latest tweet has caused quite the reaction on social media.
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Rishi Sunak’s latest attempt to post an inspiring message on social media has only triggered a fresh wave of mockery.

On Tuesday, the prime minister posted on X (formerly Twitter): “You will always be better at spending your own money than the government is.”

While this sentiment seemed to come out of nowhere, it is likely linked to the Tory manifesto which Sunak unveiled hours before.

The Conservatives promise voters that if they were re-elected, they would introduce £17billion of tax cuts.

You will always be better at spending your own money than the government is.

— Rishi Sunak (@RishiSunak) June 11, 2024

But, this post probably did not land on social media how the prime minister had envisioned it would.

Although it was viewed more than six million times in less than 24 hours, a majority of the comments were less than flattering...

Most questioned what sort of election campaign strategy this was, and mocked the idea of individuals funding government services.

Openly admitting that the government has done, and continues to do, a terrible job of spending our taxes is one hell of a campaign strategy. https://t.co/oCw4w3nIW2

— Nick Deal (@nick__deal) June 11, 2024

anyone fancy chipping in on some basic public services? https://t.co/A4IDIwnQf0

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) June 11, 2024

How are we, the public, meant to spend our own money on, for example, UK defence equipment better than the government?

— Mike Galsworthy (@mikegalsworthy) June 11, 2024

It’s why I insist on buying all my own nationwide infrastructure pic.twitter.com/mzab8pJo7n

— Hannah Rose Woods (@hannahrosewoods) June 11, 2024

Some critics recalled all the ways his government has frittered money away – particularly during the Covid pandemic.

A few posts also referenced the scandalous spending tracker from Best for Britain, who found the Tories have squandered £130billion of taxpayer funds since the last general election.

I would always want to give more of my money to Michelle Mone and I am definitely going to spend my next 37billion on a test track and trace system. I’m going to buy 40 fake hospitals too. And a Sky dish https://t.co/LL8lZZ3WMp

— ALASTAIR CAMPBELL (@campbellclaret) June 12, 2024

For instance, you wouldn't spend £37bn on a test and trace system that didn't work, would you? https://t.co/jzHKMYiouU

— Parody Rishi Sunak (@Parody_PM) June 11, 2024

For example, I never spent four billion pounds on unusable PPE. https://t.co/ubLFc3AFIa

— Adam Kay (@amateuradam) June 11, 2024

This is why, when I want a new hospital, I always buy it myself. https://t.co/b24h3r0pzr

— Dr Rachel Clarke (@doctor_oxford) June 12, 2024

But, on a more light-hearted note, plenty of people had their own examples of poor spending to counter the PM’s point.

i dunno i beg to differ https://t.co/WgCXwe3zJg pic.twitter.com/lArzp8hGVQ

— harry (@_hxrrybxtt) June 11, 2024

I frequently Deliveroo diet cokes and mini magnums to my home when the Tesco is a 30 second walk away https://t.co/OHvYBIIH9y

— Noa Hoffman (@hoffman_noa) June 12, 2024

When I was 16 I spent my £100 Christmas money on five DVDs and one was American Pie. Please spend my taxes on feeding hungry kids. https://t.co/ZzfICxOJjz

— Sooz Kempner (@SoozUK) June 12, 2024

Honestly mate I’m not sure I’m in a position to source my own nuclear deterrent https://t.co/bNQaS0zLcQ

— Godspeed You Black Tamperer (ft Maya) (@twlldun) June 11, 2024

okay so make me chancellor then you coward https://t.co/Ev0CowDBJ8

— Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman) June 11, 2024

I paid to see St Trinian’s 2 in the cinema, pal https://t.co/UnXhtuSHMV

— Kirsten Amy (@kirstofcomms) June 11, 2024

This is *occasionally* true for ppl who make less than £50,000/yr. Above that a hearty % of your money should be taken from you by a guy with a hammer & handed out to poor ppl. https://t.co/kyBnzye6AK

— rob delaney (@robdelaney) June 12, 2024

This post is the latest bizarre own goal from the PM.

He raised eyebrows on Monday when he posted on X to say the Tories would show “no mercy” to criminals – apparently forgetting he has received two fixed penalty notices for breaching the law himself while holding a top job in the government.

Meanwhile, his party continues to trail miserably behind Labour in the polls, and just one point ahead of Reform UK.


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