Rishi Sunak's 3 Embarrassing Social Media Fails This Week

The prime minister doesn't seem to be the most "online" person in Westminster.
Rishi Sunak has not had the best week on social media.
Rishi Sunak has not had the best week on social media.
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Rishi Sunak has not had the best week when it comes to the online world.

In fact, the prime minister has made three rather embarrassing errors on social media in just a matter of days, even though they were all about rather straightforward announcements.

So, because none of them have been removed from the internet yet, here’s a quick look at his slip-ups:

1. *That* video transition

The PM tried to do a video transition on TikTok – while announcing new funds for improving towns – by slapping the camera, a content trend which aims to split the clip into two, and show a huge contrast.

However – unlike most experienced TikTokers – Sunak didn’t move around in between the first, pre-slap shot, and the second post-slap shot.

It seems as though he’s actually sat in exactly the same place, mere seconds after shooting the first clip.


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reveals he is giving £20 million to Blyth Valley, which Cramlington is part of #cramlington #rishisunak #blythvalley #blyth #new #primeminister #viral #fyp #xyzbca

♬ original sound - CramlingtonNews

The TikTok was widely mocked as a result, both by other people on the platform and on X (formerly Twitter).

2. Embarrassing Euros slip-up

Sunak also used social media to promote the country winning the bid to host the 2028 Euro championships – except he failed to mention that the UK is actually a co-host.

Alongside a photo of himself with England manager Gareth Southgate and captain Harry Kane, Sunak added: “It’s official: we’ve got the Euros.

“Delighted to celebrate our winning bid with Gareth and the @England squad.

“Here we go #EURO2028.”

However, not only is it the whole of the UK hosting the Euros (not just England), it’s also in partnership with the Republic of Ireland.

Obiviously, this didn’t go down that well among his online critics.

3. Forgetting where Nottingham is

The prime minister also made a surprising trip to the Currys’ distribution centre earlier this week – but, according to his subsequent post, he forgot where it actually was.

In a post on X, Sunak said: “Enjoyed chatting with @currys staff in Nottingham about the long-term decisions I’m taking to build a brighter future.

“From investing in hundreds of transport projects across the North and Midlands to reaching Net Zero in a pragmatic way, I’m determined to change our country.”

However, he actually went to a village called Coddington, which is nearer Newark not Nottingham.

Newark is a market town and civil parish in the county of Nottinghamshire, while Nottingham is a city within Nottinghamshire, around 20 miles away.

Not only was he called out through X’s Community Notes feature, where other users add other details to the post, but he was subtly corrected by Currys’ official X account too.


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