Robert De Niro Finally Addresses Donald Trump's Election Loss – And He's Pulling No Punches

"I think there's a screw loose there," the Goodfellas star said. "He just doesn't get it."

Robert De Niro has finally weighed in on the US election result, and he’s pulling no punches when it comes to losing candidate Donald Trump.

The Oscar-winning actor has had a long-standing feud with Trump throughout his presidency, and in an interview with MSNBC, spoke of his “relief” at the news that he won’t be getting a second term in the White House.

Suggesting that Trump has a “screw loose”, De Niro claimed that if Trump “had done what he should have done” with regards to the coronavirus pandemic, the result could have been very different.

I think there’s a screw loose there. He just doesn’t get it,” De Niro said. “If he had done what he should’ve done for the virus, he could’ve won this election.

“I wouldn’t be happy about it, but he would’ve done something right [had he handled the crisis better]. He didn’t even know how to do that.”

Comparing Trump to the film The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight – a 1970s comedy about an incompetent gang of crooks – he added: “Certain people only know how to do things with a felonious intent.

“They can’t just go from A to B to C to D. They have to go to A to B to G to H, whatever. They don’t understand if you do it right, stay straight, do the right thing, that’s all you have to do. And he just doesn’t understand that.”

Robert De Niro and Donald Trump
Robert De Niro and Donald Trump

The Goodfellas star is one of the celebrities that Trump has fired back at on Twitter when they’ve criticised him in the past.

Earlier this year, De Niro hit out at Trump over his reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, branding him a “lunatic” who “didn’t care” how many people die of Covid-19, as he was too preoccupied with the election.


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