Robert Jenrick Accused Of 'Hot Air' Plan To Revoke Visas From Hamas Supporters

The immigration minister said foreign nationals who spread “hate and division” have "no right to be here".
Future Publishing via Getty Images

The Home Office has been accused of announcing another “hot air” migration policy.

The immigration minister Robert Jenrick said foreign nationals who spread “hate and division” during Israel/Palestine protests will have their visa’s revoked.

The decision was sparked by the rise in antisemitic hatred across the UK since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

Appearing on BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme, Jenrick was pressed on the policy by presenter Nick Robinson.

“My suspicion will be that people think this is all just hot air, and that no one will actually be forced to leave the country. Are you saying for certain you believe people will?” Robinson asked.

Jenrick said: “Well it will depend on the individual cases but what I can say is that the first two letters have gone out to individuals who have behaved in this manner.

“It will ultimately be for ministers to take the decision based on the representations those people make and the legal framework.

“So I’m not going to prejudge that, that would be wrong. This is a serious process.

“But be in no doubt of the home secretary and my determination that people who spread hate in our country have no right to be here.

Jenrick added that people would not be deported immediately, but that the first letters received are warnings.

“We do write to individuals and say that we are minded to revoke their visa and give them a short period in which to make representations which will then be taken into account when the final decision is taken,” he said.

He added: “Getting a visa to visit the United Kingdom is a privilege is not an entitlement.

“And if somebody comes as our guest to the UK, and then behaves in such a way that falls below British standards, either by becoming a risk to national security or where their presence isn’t conducive to the public good, then it’s right that we revoke those visas and expel those individuals from the country.”


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