Robert Jenrick

The former minister says he wants to reduce legal migration to "the tens of thousands".
Former immigration minister Robert Jenrick says the legislation does not go far enough.
The former Countdown star also had some choice words for "lying coward" Boris Johnson.
“This is the desperate dying days of a party ripping itself apart," says Labour frontbencher as departing immigration minister dodges Commons.
Immigration minister's resignation leaves prime minister's flagship deportation policy in tatters.
John Kay told the Tory minister that the government had "failed" to keep its promises to voters.
The director general was confronted over the broadcaster's use of the word "terrorist" during a surprise appearance in front of the 1922 committee.
The immigration minister said Labour's figures were wrong - but failed to come up with his own.
The immigration minister said foreign nationals who spread “hate and division” have "no right to be here".