30/03/2017 10:29 BST | Updated 30/03/2017 10:36 BST

Robert Weighton, 109, Reveals The Selfless Reason He Refused His Card From The Queen

Happy Birthday, Bob.

Britain’s joint-oldest man has said he declined his annual card from the Queen to save the country money in “the age of austerity”.

Bob Weighton, who celebrated his 109th birthday on Wednesday, revealed the selfless reason he doesn’t want to trouble the Crown for a card.

“I’d already received one every year and since it’s the age of austerity I thought I would save the country a little bit on postage and printing,” he said.

Robert Weighton declined his annual birthday card from the Queen to save the country money in 'the age of austerity'

“I don’t want a whole row of them, there’s no point in that,” he added.

All those aged over 100 are approached by the Palace to receive a card from the monarch.

Speaking yesterday, the day Article 50 was triggered, Weighton, who lived through two world wars, said: “I’m a bit regretful that Theresa May has decided to initiate the Brexit discussions on my birthday and she never asked my permission.”

He shares a birthday with fellow centenarian Alfred Smith, from Perth in Scotland. The pair exchange letters.

Weighton, who has 10 grand children and 25 great grandchildren, is originally from Hull and served in the marines as an engineer before marrying his wife Agnes in 1937. She passed away 20 years ago.

Asked about his secret to longevity, Weighton said: “I haven’t the slightest idea.

“I don’t have any rules because I’ve eaten all kinds of food, I’m not on a diet of any sort and I’ve managed to escape dying from various operations.”