Leave Voters Want A Brexit Britain With Capital Punishment, School Beatings And Inefficient Lighting

Capital punishment, school beatings and inefficient lighting.

New poll results released on Brexit Day give a fascinating and terrifying glimpse into what Leave voters want post-Brexit Britain to look like.

The YouGov survey asked people on both sides of the referendum result what should be brought back once the UK leaves the European Union.

Over half of Leave voters deemed capital punishment and dark blue passports as their most pressing desire with only slightly smaller majorities pushing for the reintroduction of the imperial measurement system and the right to beat schoolchildren.

The last time the UK had the death penalty, corporal punishment in schools, the imperial system and dark blue passports all at the same time was 1965.

The death penalty - suspended in 1965 and abolished in 1969

Dark blue passports - burgundy passports introduced in 1988

Corporal punishment in schools - outlawed in 1986

Selling goods in pounds and ounces - metric system began to be adopted in 1965

Traditional incandescent light bulbs - phase out began in 2016

Smoking in pubs and restaurants - banned in 2007

Pre-decimal currency - decimal currency introduced in 1971


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