18/05/2017 12:10 BST

Ronda Rousey On Why She'd Rather Have Scarred Hands Than Perfect Nails

'I don’t have pretty hands and I’m proud of it.'

Ronda Rousey has long championed the idea that women are worth more than their appearance and now, she’s told the world she’s proud of her scars.

In a new video posted on Instagram, the MMA fighter said she’d rather have battered hands than be stereotypically “pretty”.

“My hands tell my story because they’re not for show, they’re for doing things,” she said.

“I don’t have pretty hands and I’m proud of it.”

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Rousey continued: “I have scars on every single part of my hands, for every single different reason and it’s almost like a scrapbook, like I’m proud of them.

“Like a tally of all my hard work and accomplishments.

“I’m much more proud of my nine-stitch scar across my knuckle from bursting a ganglion cyst on somebody’s head than I would be of perfectly flawless acrylic nails.”

Rousey is famed for bringing women’s MMA to the mainstream, although she’s now rumoured to have retired from competing (although she’s yet to issue a formal statement in confirmation).

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The 30-year-old has used her position of influence to encourage younger girls to follow their dreams through her hashtag #rouseyrevolution, which celebrates female fighters. 

Girls training can post photos or videos of themselves in action is all their sweaty, red-faced glory. 

She’s also inadvertently started the DNB movement, which encourages women to not be a “do nothin bitch”.

“Women without ambition are being glorified, and it’s sad, and we’re taking steps backward, and there’s a lot of women out there that are very frustrated about it, but they had no real term for it,” she previously told HuffPost UK.

“I had no idea I was coining a term in that moment, but I guess, I wasn’t the only person with that thought on my mind and that’s why it took off.”

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