'Good Morning Britain' And Rose McGowan Deny Claims She Was A 'Diva' On The Show

She's branded the media outlet who accused her of being a 'diva' a 'factory of filth'.

‘Good Morning Britain’ and Rose McGowan have both hit back at a report suggesting the actress behaved like a “diva” during a recent appearance on the ITV breakfast show.

Rose appeared on ‘GMB’ last month to promote her memoir, ‘Brave’ and speak about the Me Too movement, in which she has played a prominent role.

But she has now been forced to speak out over an article published in the Daily Mail, in which it’s claimed she behaved like a “diva” on the day of her interview.

Rose McGowan on 'Good Morning Britain'
Rose McGowan on 'Good Morning Britain'

In the article, an anonymous source is quoted as saying that among Rose’s demands were the fact she should not be referred to as a “star” (“she knows this and sees no reason to have this brought up”), and that staff should not offer her refreshments or make “small talk”.

According to the Mail, it was also requested that nobody behind the scenes should make eye contact with her, stand “too close” to her or ask “direct questions”.

Their source observed: “Let’s just say that [Harvey] Weinstein was far nicer when he came in. Naturally, we took no notice.”

Rose McGowan has now had her say on the matter in a typically candid fashion, tweeting to the Daily Mail: “You are paid by scumbags to be as scummy as you are. Never have I been, nor ever will I be, a diva. I am a Person of the People. You are a squalid factory of filth.”

Rose McGowan in Wales earlier this month
Rose McGowan in Wales earlier this month
David Levenson via Getty Images

The former ‘Charmed’ star also tweeted a link to an article with the headline from the Toronto Sun with the headline, “Rose McGowan’s #MeMeMetoo diva demands”, lamenting: “On what planet is this real?”

‘Good Morning Britain’ has also addressed the claims, with the show’s editor Neil Thompson insisting: “Rose was a very courteous guest, she made eye contact with all the crew behind-the-scenes and namechecked everyone.

“She showed a huge interest in ‘GMB’ and in finding out more about the show.

The show also posted a comment from Neil Thompson on Twitter, in which he noted: “Rose McGowan was an enlightened delight to have on the show. Why else would we all have so happily had our selfies taken with her?”

During her interview on ‘GMB’, Rose spoke about The Weinstein Company, which had recently filed for bankruptcy, admitting it felt like a “weight” had been lifted.

She claimed: “It’s a relief, I suppose, to have people believe me, but I’ve operated and been slandered, and disliked, and maligned for no other reason than he [Weinstein] purchased press all over the world to do so, for 20 years.”

Back in October, Rose was one of the first women to come forward with an allegation about Weinstein, telling the New York Times that he raped her. Weinstein has denied this allegation.

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