Rose McGowan

Shannen teared up while insisting again that her co-star got her fired from their supernatural US show after Alyssa denied any wrongdoing.
Weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault, and could now be facing up to 25 years in prison.
The Black Swan star wore a cape to Sunday's Oscars embroidered with the names of female filmmakers ignored by the Academy.
The infamous 1998 red carpet moment was her first public appearance after being sexually abused.
The great dame of British fashion,Vivienne Westwood, used her London Fashion Week show to rally against climate change and corporate greed. Rose McGowan was among special guest models. The actress and activist delivered a powerful speech mid-runway.
The actress and activist is the first woman to receive the award. But she used her acceptance speech to direct a message to men.
Where else would you see Prince Charles mingling with Dua Lipa and Rose McGowan?
She's branded the media outlet who accused her of being a 'diva' a 'factory of filth'.
Rose is alleged to have left a wallet containing cocaine on a plane.