The Secret Meaning Behind The Number Of Roses In Your Bouquet

Yep, there is a code.
sakchai vongsasiripat via Getty Images

I reckon most of us would be happy to get any amount of roses, floral or chocolate, this year.

And most modern flower recipients don’t take the time to count our blooms, either ― it’s just a case of unwrapping the paper or plastic, chucking in the plant food, trimming the stems a bit, and smiling. Right?

Well, for some, the numbers matter and can signify different feelings.The British Florist Association shared that colour isn’t the only traditional way of encoding your gift ― some superstitions suggest the number means something as well.

So, we thought we’d share what the amount of blooms in your bunch might mean:

One rose

This can signify that the recipient is “the one,” or that it was love at first sight.

Two roses

A pair of roses may symbolise a happy couple, with shared love and affection.

Three roses

This is a traditional third date gift, and can mean “I love you.”

Six roses

Six roses can mean obsession and infatuation ― and it can signify ramping your relationship up to the next level, whatever that might mean for you and your partner.

10 roses

10 roses can signify a perfect, ideal love (i.e. you). Aww.

12 roses

12 roses simply means “be mine” ― it’s a classic gift for a reason.

15 roses

15 roses can be an apology from a loved one ― it means they’re sorry for something they’ve done.

24 roses

24 roses literally and figuratively doubles down on that “I’m yours” meaning from the 12 roses. It’s like “I’m yours” in bold italics.

36 roses

36 roses can mean they’re absolutely, head over heels in love.

50 roses

50 roses can sometimes mean an abundant, boundless love that has no end.

Just when you thought a floral gift couldn’t get any cuter...