Gender Reveal Ideas: Parents-To-Be Spend Three Days Creating Epic Rube Goldberg Machine

That was epic.

Finding out the sex of your baby is an exciting moment, so this couple decided to document it with the most epic gender reveal.

Taylor Calmus, from California, US, who runs Dude Dad Vlog, spent three days with his partner creating a Rube Goldberg machine throughout their house.

The complex creation, which performs a series of tasks linked together like the domino effect, will blow your mind. It is named after an American cartoonist and inventor of similar contraptions.

“We spent three full days setting up a Rube Goldberg Machine thoughout our entire house to reveal the gender of baby Calmus #2,” the dad wrote when sharing the video on Facebook on 16 March.

The three-minute video starts with the dad’s son knocking his sippy cup off his crib, which causes a spinning bottle of talcum powder to hit a xylophone and send it down a ramp.

And it doesn’t get any less complicated - as the contraption goes through the majority of rooms in the house, then down the stairs into the study.

It ends with a ball hitting a machine that shoots out loads of coloured pink paper to reveal they’re having a girl.

The impressive video has been viewed nearly seven million times in four days and has had more than 60,000 shares.

One mum commented: “Am I the only one thinking how long it will take to clean all that up?

“It was awesome though, great excitement and planning.”

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