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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4: As The Final Looms, Which Queen Should Win?

Our verdict on which finalist deserves that spot in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame.

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With no obvious frontrunner, the current series of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is the closest race in a good few years, and as we’re now just days away from finding out this year’s winner, fans online are debating which of the remaining queens should be crowned by RuPaul.

Following Latrice Royale’s elimination, we know the top four are Monét X Change, Monqiue Heart, Naomi Smalls and Trinity The Tuck, with just one challenge standing between them and a cash prize of $100,000 (and a coveted spot in that imaginary hallway RuPaul is always banging on about).

In case you’re still on the fence, we’re looking back at the final four’s performance across the competition, and deciding whether they would make a worthy winner...

Monét X Change

Best lip sync? Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (vs. Manila Luzon)

Most iconic moment? We know that Monét thrives best when she’s allowed to showcase her comedic charms, but while we enjoyed her Black Hole club night and Judge Jersey performances, she really shone in the Lady Bunny roast.

Lowest point? It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Monét didn’t exactly put her best foot forward in the series. Not only was she still relying on that sponge gimmick in the Variety Show challenge in the series premiere, her vocals were also... not quite there.

Look of the series? Special mention has to go to her Rihanna-esque Pope look, but for us, her “Best Judy” gold outfit was the best she looked all series. It was fairly simple, but this was proof that sometimes keeping things simple can be really effective.


Final thoughts? There’s no question that of the four queens left in the competition, Monét has been the most improved in terms of style, and she’s performed well in most of the challenges (we’d even say she was under-marked in a couple) too.

Going into All Stars 4, we knew Monét’s confidence and sense of humour would be helpful tools in the competition, but we’ve been impressed by the way she’s handled some of the challenges, even winning the make-over task, which was previously the obstacle that sent her home on season 10.

But while her sense of humour does set her apart, what could end up holding her back is the fact she’s arguably not as polished as some of her competitors in other areas.

Monique Heart

Best lip sync? RuPaul – Sissy That Walk (vs. Latrice Royale) 

Most iconic moment? Apart from every time she’s had us howling in the cut-aways? Since we’ve already mentioned the Sissy That Walk wig reveal, let’s go with episode one, when she threw her wig at the ceiling and had to use a hook to get it down again.

Lowest point? Faffing about with her puffa coat during the Everybody Say Love group challenge.

Look of the series? Her Puss In Boots fantasy.


Final thoughts? As was the case on her first series of Drag Race, Monique Heart has essentially served as the narrator of All Stars 4, and her commentary has had us howling throughout.

Unlike in season 10, she’s also proved herself as a fierce competitor in the werk room and the main stage, too. Her comedic risks have never backfired on her, she’s excelled in the challenges and served some memorable looks, too (even if sometimes, like Monét, they can be a bit rough around the egdes).

But above all, Monique is charm personified, and All Stars 4 would have been a very different series without her, and for that reason, we would love to see her take a spot in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame. 

Naomi Smalls

Best lip sync? Judy Garland – Come Rain Or Come Shine (vs. Monét X Change) 

Most iconic moment? With the greatest of respect to Manila Luzon... we’re probably going to have to go with her eliminating Manila Luzon. Particularly as it was followed by her declaration of “life’s not fair” the following episode.

Lowest point? Coming dangerously close to the chop after the ‘Club 96’ experience put her and Valentina in the bottom.

Look of the series? This stunning homage to Prince


Final thoughts? Much like her first time on Drag Race, Naomi was pretty invisible for the first part of the series, and whether that’s down to her own lack of presence or the editors choosing to focus on other queens, she didn’t make an impression in those early All Stars 4 episodes.

That said, when push came to shove, Naomi delivered in her performances, wowing with her Adrenaline lip sync, nailing the make-over challenge and, of course, turning it on the runway week after week.

And even though certain challenges could have used a bit more work (the comedy roast and Judge Jersey tasks spring to mind), she can certainly hold her head up and say she’s proved she’s more than just a pair of very long legs.

Trinity The Tuck

Best lip sync? RuPaul – Peanut Butter (vs. Jasmine Masters)

Most iconic moment? Impersonating Caitlyn Jenner on the Snatch Game Of Love.

Lowest point? The roast of Lady Bunny, in which we were reminded that stand-up and drag don’t always necessarily go hand in hand.

Look of the series? She’s given us plenty, but we have to give props to her plastic fantastic entrance look, which even got the seal of approval from Sarah Paulson, who had previously sported a similar ensemble at the London premiere of Ocean’s 8.


Our verdict? On paper, Trinity has been the one to beat throughout All Stars 4, particularly if you ask the queens themselves – let’s not forget, she was the one nobody wanted to go up against in the LaLaPaRuZa lip sync battle.

From the word go, Trinity has consistently been in the top, and she’s rarely wavered, safe for that aforementioned blip in the comedy roast, but where her stand-up faltered in that instance, she made up for it in her presenting during the Beehive Club challenge.

However, compared to her fellow finalists like Monét and Monique, Trinity has probably been on less of a journey in terms of finessing and improvement between this and her original series, which is arguably what All Stars runs are all about.

Find out which of the final four RuPaul crowns in the All Stars finale, airing on Comedy Central in the early hours of Saturday morning, after which it will be available to watch on Now TV.

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