09/04/2017 16:45 BST | Updated 09/04/2017 18:02 BST

Russell Brand Interrupts Katie Hopkins During LBC Radio Programme

'Are you live?'

Russell Brand interrupted Katie Hopkins during a live radio broadcast on Sunday before being awkwardly ejected by the controversial LBC host.

As a caller, Paul from Croydon, spoke to Hopkins down the line about an “Islamic doctrine” causing problems in society, Brand stormed into the studio and asked: “Are you live?”

Hopkins said: “Paul, I apologise for the interruption, Russell Brand just came charging into the studio asking if we’re live. 

“We are live. Russell Brand, have some sense of diplomacy and don’t be so rude. Poor Paul here was making an important point.”

Watch the clip, above.

Brand said: “Hello Paul from Croydon, carry on mate, I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but Katie did invite me in.”

Hopkins, who referred to Brand as a “naughty child”, has previously criticised the comedian for being a “bully”.

In 2014, she slammed his decision to publicise a Daily Mail journalist’s contact details on Twitter.

And Brand previously appealed for compassion after Hopkins wrote a now infamous column in The Sun newspaper which likened migrants to cockroaches.

Speaking on his YouTube channel The Trews, Brand said: “The only option is to treat [Hopkins] compassionately, we can’t look at her the way she looks at immigrants, as some sort of weird, disgusting cockroach thing that’s dispensable and should be crushed.”

He later shared a petition calling for Hopkins to be sacked.

Their latest altercation occurred at radio giant Global’s studios in central London.

Brand, who has become an outspoken political campaigner in recent years, was working next door for LBC’s stablemate Radio X.

Hopkins later became an unexpected guest on Brand’s show - to the delight, and ire, of some of his listeners.