Russian Units Refusing To Fight In Ukraine, British Security Officials Say

Boris Johnson said Putin was determined to claim some sort of victory "regardless of the human cost".
Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Some Russian soldiers and even whole units are “refusing to fight” in Ukraine, top UK security officials reported today.

Boris Johnson’s cabinet received an update from a senior national security official on Tuesday morning.

The official warned that the next phase of the war was likely to be an “attritional conflict” which could last “several months”.

They also said that Russian president Vladimir Putin was focusing his attention on the Donbas region.

Giving an overview of the official’s comments, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: “There are some signs that Russia had not learned lessons from previous setbacks in northern Ukraine and there was evidence of troops being committed to the fight in a piecemeal fashion.

“Reports of poor Russian morale continued with claims of some soldiers and even units refusing to fight.”

Johnson also provided his top team with an update on the latest situation in Ukraine

His spokesman added: “[Johnson] said Ukraine’s position remained perilous with Putin angered by defeats, but determined to claim some sort of victory regardless of the human cost.”

Johnson went on to argue that it was “more vital than ever” to increase global support for Ukraine.

He is due to speak to US president Joe Biden and other world leaders on what additional support could be provided, including further sanctions.

Russian forces have been attacking Ukrainian positions along the entire 300-mile front line in the eastern Donbas region.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that a long-awaited Russian offensive in the east had begun.


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