Dominic Raab defends No.9 refurb as “value for money” after HuffPost UK revealed a Russian-owned firm had played a key role.
The £2.6m project to prepare No.9 for White House-style TV briefings was described as “dodgy" by a senior MP.
Russia was criticised for approving a Covid jab tested on only a few dozen people – but trials show Sputnik V offers high efficacy.
An estimated 40,000 people took to the streets of Moscow on Saturday, with rallies held across almost 40 cities and towns.
It’s been a quiet year. Not much happened really. The sh*tshow that was 2020 in 220 seconds.
The one-time national security adviser later tried to withdraw his plea to lying to the FBI.
There are just three weeks to go until the election and people are wondering what Putin might have up his sleeve.
“How can we reproach Russia, or China, or Iran ... when we are showing such scant regard for our treaty obligations?” Howard asked.
Trump described the situation as "tragic", adding that while he hadn't seen "any proof" of poisoning he would investigate.
Results from the small trial provide evidence of both antibody and T-cell responses.